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The Darkness

I want to cry, I want to scream, but really what good would it do?

I can hear the blood thumping through your veins. It sounds like a boisterous drum calling to me, begging me to dine from your rich sap. I love it when you play hide and seek with me. Then again, mother always told me never to play with my food. Then again, mother didn’t know how good it felt when food screams and begs for a life. Half the time, it’s a life that isn’t worth the paper it would never be written on.

The darkness can eat at you like fat maggots on a delicious feast of the dead; sucking and draining life from any vital organs it may find. It infiltrates your shattered soul, looking for more to dine from. Like the bloodthirsty mosquitoes ravage the night with their pesky pricks, so does that emptiness. It dines off your happiness. It clouds your mind and your visions. It makes you hallucinate or imagine something that’s not there. It shields you and wraps you up in a false serenity, making you think that things aren’t as they seem. It brings you back to a place and time of which no longer exists, and reminds you every second of every day what you lost, or what you never had. You hide this from anyone around as you put on your happy mask and smile and laugh, but when you’re alone... the masquerade falls apart. That’s when you finally allow yourself to sink into that misleading savior. Misery loves company and it’s not your lover for the night. You can’t be rid of the void until you shake it off, though it could take some time. Lots of time. Until then, you put on a smile, dance, and act like nothing’s wrong. No one is the wiser… but you know… and so does the darkness.

It calls to you. "Soon, my pet... soon."

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