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Weird Dreams!

So... for weeks now, I've been plagued with nightmares of fighting something to save others. Last night (possibly thanks to the CBD oil), I had a doozy, but I was able to analyze it.

I was in a house with a bunch of older women at some... convention or something. There were a few dogs running around too, but they didn't really like me, which was odd, most animals love me. They kept telling me how I was going to help them with their mission. I was chosen for this. I was the perfect candidate. Yadda, yadda, yadda. You know, blowing smoke up my ass.

Well, as I was going through this HUGE mansion, I could hear... chatter. It was faint and I couldn't make out the words. I didn't think anything of it. The women offered me wine as they all drank from the same cup. Kinda gross, but what the hell? I drank it.

That's when I heard the 'chatter' more clearly. They were devil worshipers. One of them had a little kid, or at least it sounded like one, and she was about to kill her. I literally climbed up the wall like Spiderman to help her. There were swords all over the walls, which I thought was a bit odd, but there are people out there who collect them. I grabbed one in my journey up it. Convenient, yes, but I was glad it was there.

Her: "Are you ready to take your place among us?" Me: Evil sneer. "Noooooot quite. Let her go." Her: "But you drank the potion!" Me: "And I had a... higher calling. I never liked the basement myself. I've always been more of an attic dweller." (Interesting analogy. I guess I'm witty in dreams... or rather... nightmares too.) Her: "No problem. We will take you out." Me: "Yeah... not gonna be as easy as you think."

We battled and I chopped off her head. Gorey. Then I helped the little girl who told me of the others. I took them out to safety, then went back to the house. Going around the house, I battled all the hags, chopping off their heads. They made the exorcist look like child's play - not the movie either. One of them was following me around. She wasn't helping, but she wasn't fighting me either.

After I had fought them all, but the one following me around, watching everything, she turned into... evil. The scariest being yet. The devil.

Him: "You can have millions. Live a glorious life. Just walk away." Me: "That's how you know what kind of person you are. In your dreams do you run from the terror... or do you stand and fight. I am a warrior... and you picked the wrong bitch." Him: "So be it. There is no chance in you winning this." Me: "So be it."

I woke up before the battle started, but not before he zoomed his evilness into my face, scaring the crap out of me (not literally). Like I said... weird. So, what kinda dreamer are you? Do you run from danger... or into it? Apparently, I'm a warrior. 😜

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