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Walker & Beach First Newsletter

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Welcome to the certifiable psych ward! We request that you all push up your tray tables, turn off your phones, buckle in, and get ready for the ride of your life!

Oops… wrong group. Just kidding.

How the hell is everyone? A little insight to ‘what’s a going on’ with me and Sam.

First things first. A lot of people are curious how Sam and I met. Well, one day, while we were lounging around in the infernal regions of Starbucks, we caught each other’s eye from across the room.

I mouthed, “are you a writer?”

He nodded. He mouthed back, “your table or mine?”

Silly right? Good, ‘cause that’s categorically not how we got together. We were both role-players online. You might be saying, “Like… D&D?” Kinda, but not quite. We RP’d realistic stuff, but not the creepy, lustful poppycock that others were dying for. Boy meets girl, they talk, next thing you know… bada-bing, bada-bang, they’re in the sack. Hell, the first book… you’ll be amazed to find out that no one is kissing. It’s kinda hard to think about sex when you must save the world. Ya know? So, we were basically playing every day, by writing out the lives of Dusty and Jonas and their mad hatter cast of characters and voila! We knew what we were writing had the capabilities of being a real book, if not even a movie. That’s when we started really writing. Going from role-playing and using a lot of “…” was not easy, but we finally did it! We did a smashing job if I’m allowed to toot my own horn!

Now, where are we with the publishing of the first book? The more I research, I’m finding that the only way to get published anymore is to do it yourself unless you have a great book. We do have a great book, but people hear “vampire” and get turned off. What brings a genre back in? A good book. Now, a lot of readers are clamoring for the next best ‘Interview with the Vampire’ – though agents and publishers don’t think so – but to get them to want to read it is damn near impossible. They are plagued daily with crap from others. I’ve read some of them in the free eBook section and… well… I truly feel for anyone who had to read that hogwash. Now, I’m not talking about the scam artist places that cost an arm and a leg and the writer has to do all the work. I’m talking about us publishing on Amazon and a few other places that offer both hard copies and eBooks and advertising on our own, with talking to people. However, before we can do that, we’ve got to give these agents a few more weeks to respond. Right now, we’re working on our single projects. I have a ton, which you can tell by my page, and Sam has a few too. We are working on those before we tackle ‘The Guardian of Antiquity: Book Two’.

My Beta Readers, the most important readers of all, I need you guys to check out the ‘Beta Readers’ section on the website and read a chapter and then comment your thoughts there. This way, it gets other readers to see what you said and either agree or disagree and tell us why. Did you like it? If so, why? Did you hate it? If so, why? Was there something that stood out either good or bad about the chapter? This way, we also know you’re actually reading it. Too many times, we give out our books for free and no one reads a damn thing. Quite annoying. Yes, we do realize that people get busy in life, but when you commit to reading it to give your opinion, we believe you’re going to do just that. It’s just reading to you… it’s our lives hanging on those extremely necessary words. If you aren’t a Beta Reader but want to be one, the first thing you have to do is join as a member and then send me a note and I’ll give you the password to that section. Do not give out the password. Some of you may think you’ve read it before, but it changed. Not the plot or the storyline, but the writing is a lot better.

Happy reading,


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