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Getting closer

I was going to do a vlog but didn't want to put on my face, so you're stuck with this update. 😜

They were able to get 100% of the information off the faulty disc! Thank you, Lord. 👏 It will be here by the end of the day on Monday the 28th (THREE days) and I can get all my finished projects off there. It will be like Christmas as I see things with fresh eyes and new ideas. I had even started a Christmas story that was more comedy-ish. I can't wait!

The audiobook is halfway finished now 👏 (it would already be done if it wasn't for the damn noise around here - living close to the main street means hearing every loud ass vehicle 👿), and the goal is still Christmas.

A bunch of you have been inquiring about the status of book three. We're still working on it! The main plot is perfect, we're just tying up the loose ends and making sure to give you just enough to keep you wanting more... until the big finale in book four. Patience, it will be well worth the wait. Hopefully, it too will be ready by Christmas, but that might be pushing it. We're going to try though! 😁

The Planet Zoo game launches in ELEVEN days! 🤩 I have never wanted time to fly quicker in my life! Those who know me knew that I was into Sims; I loved torturing them by putting them in Big Brother scenarios and letting them do their own thing (though they were limited with what they could do)! Not anymore. I can't even play Sims 3 after seeing Planet Zoo in action. It will become my new addiction (next to writing, that is); creating animal areas, watching the baby animals grow, underground food courts and viewing areas, scary caves to walk through, staff management, zoo trains that go up, over, down, and everywhere! Oh, it's going to be such fun! 🤪 I'll show you in a YouTube vid when I get it going. I'm literally having dreams of how to build the animal enclosures (got some great ideas too) in my zoo... 🤣 Yeah, it's kinda like that.

Until later, keep reading!

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