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First bookplate signature

Oh, happy day! No, I’m not about to burst out in a song, though I feel like it. We just #signed our first long distance #autograph #bookplate. It is a stepping stone to what I hope will become a #career. Not so much signing autographs to each #book we #write but finishing those books. I have four completed #fictions that I am tightening up. One is a love story that might actually get #published traditionally. We’ll see.

Men and women look at things totally different. He signed his name, went off to watch some YouTube show. Meh. It’s a name on a slip. It was different for me. It was like a check off the old bucket list. Someone will have a book with my name in it. Big #accomplishment. I signed my name and looked at it… marveling how it shined. MY name. Of course, it made me realize that I needed to #practice my #penmanship as well. Then again, I don’t write. I type. Good thing. I don’t think there’s a college course out there to make chicken scratch readable.

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