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We're sorry it’s taken so long to write another post, but we have good news from Sam! His short story “The Last Fare” has made it to the semi-finals of the Screen Craft Cinematic Short Story competition. Talk about a huge accomplishment?! He was one out of 1200 + submissions and they have taken that down to 130 to move on to the finals. Winners will be announced on March 27, 2019. Everyone, wish him luck!

Woohoo! We are all pulling for him. I read the story. It's awesome!! Then again, most everything he writes is solid gold... I could be a little biased, but the readers agree so...

Now, what else is going on? We are busy, busy, busy! Not really unless you count trying not to be blown away by the heavy winds, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! We finished book one and two – got some great reviews on them already – and now we’re busy getting the skeleton of book three finished. After that comes the editing process. Fun, fun.

We are halfway done with the series and now comes the part where we have to wrap it up, tie up loose ends, and fill in the holes. It’s exciting with the direction the plot is going. You're going to be so stunned by the ending. I can’t wait for us to finish it so you guys can read it! It should be ready for publishing by the end of this year. I'll keep ya posted!

Back to creating!

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1 Comment

Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy
Feb 28, 2019

Very exciting!! Congratulations, Sam!! 🤞🤞

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