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Catch up time!

Holy Crip-crap – as Dusty likes to say – it’s been a while! Well, there has been a lot happening. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

One, I am working. I know, right? It’s been too long, but I am back at the computer, taking calls for those unemployed in Ohio. There are too many unemployed. I feel for some of these callers too. They are on the verge of losing everything and all I can do is transfer them because I have done everything that I can to help them. Heartbreaking, I tell you.

I’m still hurting (every once in a while) from my gallant job of cleaning out the gutters and jumping off the tailgate. I swear the ground looked closer than it was. I’m quite sure the neighbors heard the sound of that pop… through their closed door… with the AC on full blast! Sam seems to think that I really did mess something up, but you know me… I’m a stubborn trooper. I will ignore the pain as much as possible and just soldier on. Pain? Psh. I live with it.

Junior, my less than year old computer, is at the Geek Squad to get fixed. It kept resetting itself and after having to make TWO trips to Best Buy (I apparently know more about computers than some of them), they found that it was a hardware problem (just like I told them from the start) and not a software problem (that they SWORE it was). Granted, I have blanket coverage on it – software and hardware – so if they can’t fix it, they give me the money back and I get another computer… different brand this time. It’s a gaming computer so…

However, I am still going through and doing the final… FINAL edit/reading for WHAT LIES BENEATH, the third book of The Bloodstone Chronicles! YES! We will be ready to go through the headache of publishing it in a few short weeks… maybe sooner! Everyone do the happy dance.

After that, we will be back to the drawing board for book four, which is still name-less and cover-less. It’s just a bunch of ideas thrown onto paper on how to fill in the holes and tie up all the loose ends. You guys are going to be sooo surprised when you realize just what’s been going on. It’s going to be a shocker! Worse than the one we threw at you in book two (blame Sam for that one), GUARDIAN OF ANTIQUITY.

If you haven’t read book one THE RISE OF SETH, that is where you need to start. These aren’t stand alone books. You will be extremely lost if you go out of order. We did label them so you can do just that.

Okay, so I have the next three days off so I will be mad busy with the final editing. Wish me luck! I know a few fans that have been waiting… kinda patiently… for us to get them off the cliff! Get it?

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