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Backyard Predators & Prey

So, this morning, while waiting on my water to heat up in the microwave for my instant coffee, I was watching the breakfast crew (birds eating) and noticed the big black crow was back. He pecked around the driveway (like we have some worm farm there) and then picked up something (no clue what) and flew away.

Seeing the coast was clear, the squirrel decided to make a fast trip - from his tree beside the back of the garage - across the driveway parking lot (we have a weird driveway), chasing the crew to the bush on high alert. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, that crow came in for a dive bomb - talons outstretched - chasing the squirrel under the bench, squawking.

When the crow landed a few feet away, the squirrel came out, all fluffed like... "What?! You want some?!" and then proceeded to go to the birdseed on the ground. This is a HUGE mound of birdseed, under the feeder, that the birds throw down for some unknown reason - messiest damn eaters. I'm about to recycle that shit BACK into the bird feeders before we buy another damn bag!

Meanwhile, the breakfast crew was sitting on the bush by the house, chirping up a storm. The squirrel ate off the ground (since he knows he can't get to the suet or the bird feeder - the ledge is too small), the crow continued pecking around the yard, and the birds waited patiently. The pigeons next door all watched, eating their own mix of birdseed, like they were at the big fight, wondering what action was going to happen in front of their very eyes! Was there going to be bloodshed and who was going to die!

We now have between 75 - 100 wild birds daily that visit: woodpeckers (a whole family), sparrows, bluejays, and a deep red cardinal. How do I know? One, we had to hire a traffic control tower because of them all coming in at the same time to eat (they can fit 8 at one time on the suet cages and we have 3) and two... I have to fill the suet more often! They do love my special recipe!

And that's another episode of Backyard Predators and Prey! Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode! 😜

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