Calling all fans, calling all fans! Look at what we did! That's right, not only can you get our two published books (book three will be published within the next coming weeks!), but we also have an audiobook that we narrated (but didn't write) that is out of this world great! Don't believe me, go and listen to the sample. It will draw you in and make you want more! Get your copy today!

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Sam Beach
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The Muses

Meet King Slush (Husky) and Roscoe P. Dawg (Burmese Mountain Dog). They aren't really muses (though Slush helps with editing) but were about to get really upset if we didn't mention them.

If you're looking for us to do an audiobook for you, or if you're an agent, publisher, or someone who wants to make us a lot of money on our books and want to see a query letter, shoot us an email. 

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