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Me, me, me! What about me? I'm glad you asked. I first started writing when I was knee-high to a grasshopper and haven't stopped. Just imagine what outrageous goals I could've accomplished if I had stopped writing about fictional characters! Right now, I could be the president of my very own company! Maybe even an island resort, as long as it didn't have sharks swimming around it—can't do the whole shark thing. No thanks!


I work at This and that, and a little of the other over at I can't tell you. It's a secret. Then again, if I told you, you would never believe it. I like to call it the complaint department. In my spare time, I write, edit, revise, and repeat for our latest projects, our videos, this website, or my own solo stories. Wow! I'm swamped!


When I'm not doing that (if I can find the time), I'm creating a new and improved (just a fancy way to say unfinished) zoo for my Planet Zoo game or Planet Coaster! I also dabble in Sims 3 (cheating and making them win big or fail miserably) and 4, but mainly 3—so blame them for me not finishing a project yet. Don't get me started on my "Cross-Stitch World" addiction.

Hi, I'm Samthe Beach in "Walker and Beach." I know, it sounds like a Law firm or a publishing company. (Don't I wish.) I just turned 60 this past July, and now that I've entered the winter of my life, I figured it was high time to reach for my dream of being a published author. Better late than never.

I've always been an observer of people. Wallflower, to be frank, but that has given me a great insight into the human condition. People will say all manner of things when they don't see you as a threat or don't see you at all.


So welcome to our author page, where Lisa and I will keep you abreast of how our joint effort, The Bloodstone Chronicles, and our solo projects are coming along. For now, be good, be safe, and be real.

Sam Beach

Please excuse the mess, we are undergoing major changes.

Calling all fans, calling all fans! Look at what we did! That's right, now you can get our THREE published books! Get your copies before they sell out!

Lies, Sacrifices, and alibis should also be out in 2023. 

Book four
should - key word there SHOULD - be out next year (2023), if I can motivate Sam into working on it! Wish me luck! 

The Last Deadly Sin - that is up to Sam. He has no clue when it will be out, but he is working on it.

Mirror Earth - Karma set - revamping.


The Rise of Seth

Seven gruesome animal attacks and a 5,000-year-old secret.

Private Investigator Dusty Garner much prefers to stay in the background, keeping out of sight from prying eyes. Leading an easy-going life in Cider Lake, Tennessee – a town holding two gas stations, three diners, a Holiday Inn, but small enough to not have a McDonald’s – she couldn’t ask for anything better. After tying up a seemingly unconnected case involving three 18-year-old best friends, she turns her attention back to Tammy Barker's missing person's report. Within a week of it landing on her desk, the number of missing women had grown to five. Now, one by one, they turn up in different parts of the city, savagely attacked by animals. They must bring in an expert. She reluctantly agrees.


Jonas Sparx – with his sarcastic one-liners – is the handsome, charismatic animal specialist. When Dusty is unaffected by the charm that most women – and men – find irresistible, he is intrigued. Soon, he realizes that Dusty needs to know the truth, no matter how farfetched it sounds.


The two face problems which force them to trust each other to stop an age-old supernatural being – three thousand years tends to warp one’s mind a bit – from fulfilling an ancient scroll’s dire forewarning. If all that isn’t bad enough, Dusty’s clandestine past starts to catch up to her.

Dusty, Jonas, Antoine, and Hooch are off to the next go round to find the second stone. Where is their next adventure? Egypt! Taking full advantage of Queen Deva LaDevia's generosity, they fly first class, stay in exquisite hotel presidential suites.


After a death that hits too close to home, Dusty finds she has to continue on. No time for tears when the world and her possible love interest - though she swears it's heartburn - Travis Knight, are in danger.


What secrets unfold in Egypt that takes them through the pyramid? "I wonder why they don't put that on the tour?" Kings, princes, Egyptian lore soon plague them as they try to find the stone and save Travis... before Seth gets tired of waiting and fulfills his promise of painting the walls with his blood.

Guardian of Antiquity
What Lies Beneath3.jpg

Lies, sacrifices, and alibis. They all come together to threaten the already fragile alliance between Dusty and Jonas. After a short, but much-needed side trip to Spain, they set about solving the riddle of the next stone's location. Unfortunately for them, the five-star accommodations which they have become accustomed to, get downgraded, and Dusty's tortured past begins to haunt her dreams.


As they travel the American desert in an RV, the unbalanced chessboard tilts once more, but in whose favor will the pieces fall this time? Possessing the first two stones, Seth is becoming more powerful and devious in his wicked schemes to acquire the third. With a game-changing confession from Bacchus, will they be able to thwart an apocalypse each of them is beginning to feel may well be inevitable? 

Coming soon-ish

The Last Deadly Sin

How far would you go to accomplish your dream? What would you sacrifice? Friends? Family? Your soul? Down on his luck author Bentley Granger — after one too many rejection slips, and one too many bottles of Scotch — decides he's had enough of the world and plans his exit with the help of a dollar store rope. Fate, in the form of a letter, intercedes and Bentley finds himself on the winning end for once. An aunt he never knew he had, dies and leaves him her sizable estate complete with mansion, staff, and a bankroll if he can make it to her Lawyer in time. 


On his way, he experiences a vision of the rope he left behind trying to coax him back to, for once in his life, finish something he started. Chalking the visions up to booze withdrawal, he reaches the Lawyer's office just as the man is packing up to set off on his retirement. Shocked to find out — among other things — that his aunt was the famed Paranormal Romance author D. L. Foxe, Bentley can't believe how his luck has turned so quickly. 


Things go well for a bit, as he settles into his new life as a wealthy man, but eventually the urge to be known for his own work surfaces. Ignoring the oddities of the town and the strange behavior of his staff, Bentley stumbles across an old but pristine typewriter in a closet in his aunt's workroom. Bestseller after best seller comes out of that machine but at a cost. At first, Bentley is all too happy to pay it, but when his former creative writing professor comes to a book signing, asking who really is writing these great novels, Bentley has to face the reality of what has happened to him . . . and what he has to do to save what little soul he has left.

If you have to bury a dream, make sure it's dead first. The price to exhume it is often higher than it was to bury it.


The picture frame of Elyse Tanner's decade-long marriage is cracking. The house full of children her husband Mike promised her, has turned into a house of empty excuses. Her “more like a cartoon character” crazy sister, Tania, comes up with a brilliant plan. After all, Elyse has tried every “down home remedy” in the book to help with her situation. However, Tania “almost guarantees” that it will get her the baby of her dreams. All it takes is some fun in the sun on a California beach for ten days … and writing out a contract for her soul.


Now, with her biological clock speeding toward midnight, she accepts the solution her oversexed sister Tania offers. 


The plan works to perfection ... until ... as with all schemes, the piper comes to collect. And his bill comes with an unexpected up-charge.


The Muses

King Slush, Roscoe P. Dawg

Meet King Slush (Husky) and Roscoe P. Dawg (Burmese Mountain Dog). They aren't really our muses (though Slush helps with editing), but they were about to get really upset if we didn't mention them.

If you're looking for us to do an audiobook for you, or if you're an agent, publisher, or someone who wants to make us a lot of money on our books and want to see a query letter, shoot us an email and we will get right on that! 

You can reach Sam Beach at

You can reach L. Dee Walker at

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