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Trust Issues

5/19/2019 = Trust issues usually start at home in the kitchen! Find out why Lisa has trust issues.

Trust issues.PNG

Yum Reviews & Audiobooks

9/5/2019 = Just moved into our new house, and we're soon doing Yum Reviews and working on audiobooks!

Update on Sam & Lisa

10/3/2019 = Update on what's happening with the books and the audiobooks. Ooh, something new in the making! Check it out!

T-giving Horror Stories

12/11/2019 = T-giving horror stories. Ever forget to take the bag out of the butt of the turkey? Someone has. Check it out!

Sam's Embarrassing Graduation

12/19/2019 = Who pulls bricks out of their house's foundation? Find out why it was filled with embarrassment! Check it out!

Lisa's Potato Horror Story

12/22/2019 = Meatloaf. Potatoes. Corn. One of these things was not what she claimed! Check it out!

Merry Christmas, 2019!

12/25/2019 = From our house to yours! Merry Christmas! Who is drinking in the good cheer and just what is it? Check it out!

Happy New Year, 2020!

12/31/2019 = We are ready for a new year. Hopefully a good one! Who is looking tipsy? Check it out!

Good News!

1/14/2020 = Book one, two, and an audio book completed. What else? Check it out!

What did she say?

2/6/2020 = How do you create such interesting characters? Is it based off anyone you know? Check it out!


3/6/2022 = What happens when you ask for forgiveness? Check it out!

Donut tried to kill me!

3/6/2022 = Damn donut tried killing me and destroyed my singing voice! Check it out!

Chick-Fil-A tried killing Sam!

3/8/2022 = Every week we go to Chick-Fil-A. How did they try to kill Sam this week? Check it out!

Women are like cats, men are like dogs.

3/23/2022 = Why are woman like cats and men like dogs? Check it out!

Jury Rant

3/24/2022 = One of us has jury duty and it not happy. Why not? Check it out!

Mishmash of Fun

5/4/2022 = Someone got a grill and somebody got a VR system. Who got what? Check it out!

Happy T-giving 2022

11/25/2022 = After a nice T-giving dinner at Bob Evans, who is ready for a nap? Check it out!

Best & Worst Christmas

12/25/2022 = What was our best and worst Christmas? Tune in to find out. Tell us, what was your best and worst Christmas? Comment in the space below the video.


12/25/2022 = Season's greetings from our house to yours! Merry Christmas! During a winter storm, come and have a drink with us! 

Catching Up 1212023.jpg

1/23/2023 = Just a check in to keep you informed of what is going on. Take a peek into our crazy world!


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