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Greetings. I'm a 60 year old, born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. Wait...where are you going? COME BACK HERE!! Don't dis "The Land." As a child, I was an avid reader, spending countless hours at the local library. Then we got a television, but I never gave up on books. That's why they have commercials. For those of you too young to remember, think of them as annoying ads which popped up every ten minutes or so, and you couldn't block them. Yes, the struggle was real. I was an only child, but before you think "Ah, a spoiled brat," understand that my parents had no problem "hurting my delicate feelings," or my ass, if it was warranted. I was pretty much a loner, and liked it that way. To this day, I prefer solitude to a mass of talking heads trying to one-up each other. I always felt that I could create the vast worlds I found in the books I read, but lacked the ambition to do so. Like most kids who came of age in the late sixties-early to mid seventies, I graduated from High School and went to work. I know some went on to college, but I wasn't in the frame of mind for any more schooling. A lot happened between then and now. Maybe someday I'll write it all down, but for the moment it rests where it belongs. The story Lisa and I have created — though a vampire tale — has less to do with gore and horror, and more to do with faith; How it can be lost, regained and shared between two completely opposite species. How, sometimes, you have to make the horrible decision, the 'shitty call', as it were, for the greater good. I also have a few solo projects in the works as well, one "Haunted House" tale that is anything but your average ghost story. I hope, if you read this site and decide to enter the world of The Bloodstone Prophecy, that you will get as much joy from it, as we are having bringing it to you. For now, I thank you and wish you well. Be good, be safe, be real.


Sam Beach

Sam Beach

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