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Something New!

We're always thinking of new and exciting things to do to tinkle your funny bone. For now, here is the latest jewel for you to get a giggle over. Keep in mind, this was done at midnight; we were both a little slaphappy!

To see them all, just go and click on the 'videos' link at the top beside Home. Each week will be something new. From a 'he said, she said' where we 'debate' certain topics, to our infamous (so says the 5 of you who actually watched) Yum Yum reviews! Yes, we are bringing those back once again!

We will also keep you up to date on how the audiobook is coming along and when it will be ready for publication. They aren't as easy as people think! It is totally not just reading from a book. Oh no. Lots of technical stuff involved.

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