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High cost of audiobooks... and why.

Some people ask why audiobooks are so expensive. Double the work.

As most of you know, it takes us a full year (sometimes a little over) to publish a paperback book (that includes Kindle). That's from the bare bones outline to the finished project, which includes 4 separate book edits and reading it through each time - making any changes needed. When that is all said and done and we are ready to publish it, then we have to record it.

You think the gag reels on movies are funny? You should hear some of our outtakes on the audiobooks. Hilarious. It takes lots of takes. Some words don't really mesh well together and are hard to say, so they must be spliced together instead. Then comes the editing to add the right amount of space. Get rid of room noises, huge spaces, breaths, traffic sounds - and loud ass cars going by the window (take it down to a fine point and look for shark fins), etc.

Now, you know why they are more expensive. But... look at it this way... you get to actually 'hear' how the characters are saying things. It's just a flipped silent movie. You get the sound, but no video. 😜

We are still halfway finished with it and it's at 6 hours and 7 minutes. So, when you see that an audiobook is $18, just remember, there is a damn good reason for it. Would you want to work on something for a year and then take pennies for your work?

It will be ready this year though! 😜

Okay, back to editing.

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